Wellness Programs

with Lori Rose


To navigate a healthy, intuitive path to a fulfilling, joyful life based on the foods you eat and habits you embrace. All of this happens without compromising your well-being, dignity, family, or values.

We will breakthrough to your new level of well-being, clean up unconscious “emotional stuff” and finally free yourself from fear, fatigue, worry, shame, guilt, joint pain, sleep problems, digestive issues, procrastination, avoidance, or other emotional self-sabotage.


I mentor you 1:1 each step of the way to create new, empowering eating and decision-making habits that transform your relationship with food and health, increase your self-worth, improve your relationships, and live more often in your authentic, intuitive power.

The Details

> Customized plans designed specifically for you revolving around your health and wellness needs and desires.

> Done for you templates, healthy recipes and healthy handouts.

> 6 to 12 private 50-minute sessions, depending on your program choice. Sessions held in person, via computer conferencing or telephone.

> Various accompanying tools and support materials based on Lori’s discretion.

“I believe the biggest advantage to any coaching program is accountability. Lori guided me through my own goal setting process and then kept me focused on my own goals through our meetings and communication.”


“My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to: cut processed foods out of my diet, cook at home more, and to expand my knowledge of plant-based eating. Lori helped me break them down into smaller, more manageable goals and encouraged me when I was feeling frustrated.”


“Lori helped me reach my goals by teaching me new things about old stand-by foods. Lori is lovely, understanding, and knowledgeble. I’d recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their health and live a healthy life.”


What you will learn depending
upon program choice:

> To transform yourself by making better life choices for your total well-being.

> Which environmental and food choices are actually toxic to your system and how to rid your body of them.

> How body type is aligned with thousand year old Ayurvedic principles for sustaining your achieved health goals.

> Habits and behaviors that sustain a higher energy level and vitality.

> How hormones are like the maestro, conducting your body to create harmony between your personal orchestra, your beautiful self.

My Mission

Lori’s Mission

To empower clients to embrace their intuition and to implement successful strategies to achieve optimum health and wellness.

To learn more about the programs and pricing let’s schedule a discovery call.