Lori’s integrative approach to health mentoring goes well beyond the individual.

In her graceful and innovative speaking style, Lori advocates for a world filled with individuals leading healthy lifestyles that inspire others to do the same. She understands that collectively, we need to be conscious of Mother Earth and the beautiful, sacred environment provided by Her.

Lori believes this vision begins with clean eating.

Her own life experience of overcoming health challenges (cancer) to running marathons and participating in triathlons, to having a deep passion for our earth’s precious resources, has led Lori to the stage to speak her advocacy and inspire small to large audiences globally to begin transforming their lives and lifestyles.

After retiring from a teaching career of 23 years, she completed Integrative Nutrition’s ™ year-long intensive health coaching program that explores more than 100 dietary theories taught by the founder and a host of globally celebrated nutritional experts. Lori also completed Integrative Nutrition’s ™ Hormone Health Course, which gives her knowledge and understanding of how to educate others with balancing hormonal issues. Her certification in both these areas allows her to help others find their own ‘moxie’ to transform their lives and find relief from their health symptoms through shifts in nutrition and lifestyle.

From local groups to national conferences, Lori can deliver keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, and roundtable discussions.


Her three leading topics include:
  • The 5 Basic Principles of Clean Eating
  • Lori’s 12 Lifestyle Principles for an Abundant, Vital Life
  • Gut Health/Your Gut Has its Own Brain
Other topics available for custom speaking engagements:
  • Your Mother told you so…(eating a good breakfast)
  • How to make your dreams come true
  • Why forgiveness helps you heal
  • Is chocolate good for you?
  • Common hormone imbalances and hormone balancing foods
  • How to rid your body and home of toxins

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