Lifestyle Driven

        by Moxie

Lifestyle Driven by Moxie

Clean eating can save your life! Get started for free with my guide.

How’s your pace of life in relation to your well-being?
Are you running from one moment to the next every day vs making time for yourself, hobbies, family, passions, reading, or just doing nothing?
Is your self-care a top priority or do you tend to come last?

The women and men who I have the privilege of mentoring arrive in my world most often as fatigued, tolerating joint pain, dealing with sleep problems and digestive issues that have plagued them much too long.

You may have heard this before, but it is very true that the foods you eat are directly related to these health issues. In fact, our digestive tract is the starting point of most aches, pains, and health conditions.

My passion in life is to help you learn healthier eating habits that become the magic of healing your body naturally for a healthier life.

When I mentor you, we collaborate to develop new habits and behaviors in making healthier choices with the intention of aiming for longevity and vitality.

When we collaborate on your well-being, I use my most proven approach to life: MOXIE. In fact “moxie” is my reputation. I have profound results in life when I employ my moxie to all things I do. You will learn my secrets to developing that courage, stamina, and faith, especially in times of uncertainty during your transformation.

“I believe the biggest advantage to any coaching program is accountability. Lori guided me through my own goal setting process and then kept me focused on my own goals through our meetings and communication.”


“My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to: cut processed foods out of my diet, cook at home more, and to expand my knowledge of plant-based eating. Lori helped me break them down into smaller, more manageable goals and encouraged me when I was feeling frustrated.”


“Lori helped me reach my goals by teaching me new things about old stand-by foods. Lori is lovely, understanding, and knowledgeble. I’d recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their health and live a healthy life.”